E1B1A (Genetic Code of the Chosen)

My interview with Dr. Yehoshua Ben Ephraim
1. Tell me a little about yourself, your background?
Originally from Charleston, South Carolina. I am educated, self-taught, and very well-read. Very versed in many different subjects, to include but not limited to theology, philosophy, psychology, human behavior, astrology, etc….Academically I possess an Associates, Bachelors and Master’s Degree from an accredited University and my Honorary Doctorate is indicative of my profound knowledge In the areas of theology and genetics. Anyone who possesses in-depth knowledge in any particular area is considered a scholar, expert in that field (s) and worthy of the title Doctor.
2. What inspired you to do such an intense research on the lineage of the Chosen people?
First and foremost discovering who I am and what Nation my people and I came from in Africa. Black people in America or so-called “African Americans” are the only race of people who, for the most part, do not know which Nation in Africa they came from. The term “African American” is not accurate or appropriate to describe us because Africa is a continent, not a Nation; The dark races who inhabit the continent of Africa are known by their respective Nations. For example, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya are all located In Africa, but the people are called and identified by which Nation they come from. (Ethiopians, Egyptians, Libyans). That being said, Negroes are from a Nation in Africa as well, and I was able to genetically show and prove that our ancestors dwelled in North East Africa, The area known today as “The Middle East” and more specifically, present-day Israel. Our true Nationality is that of Israelites, not “Africans.”
3. What is the Haplogroup that belongs to the 12 tribes of Israel?
I’ve discovered and uncovered the Haplogroup of the 12 Tribes are Haplogroup “E.” The Y-DNA Haplotype of Jacob (The father of 12 sons who represent the 12 Tribes of Israel.) E1B1A based first, on the scriptural belief that Deuteronomy 28:68 is the prophecy that spoke of the true Israelites going back into slavery “By way of ships. ” Along with every other prophecy in the Book of Deuteronomy that clearly only fits one “race” of people, which would be our people, the Negroes, referred to as “African American” In America, but our people were dropped off all over the Trans-Atlantic, the Caribbean and South America. There are remnants of our people in Africa (mostly West in Nigeria and South Africa) Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Brazil, Haiti and literally scattered throughout just about every Nation there is throughout the 4 corners of the earth, This was prophesied as well. Once I identified the slaves on those ships, then it was a matter of myself taking a DNA Test to determine which Haplogroup I belonged, and then discover the Haplogroup (s) of the slaves that were mostly on those ships. The results were that 80-99% of the slaves on those ships mainly were Yorubans and Igbo Nigerians who possessed The E1B1A Y-DNA Haplotype. After that, it was a matter of coming to the only logical conclusion, if the belief is that Deuteronomy 28:68 was talking about and identifying our people as the “Lost Israelites.”
The Y-DNA Haplotype of most of those slaves were E1B1A, well that can only mean that they all came from one of Jacob’s 12 sons who also had to have possessed the E1B1A Y-DNA Haplotype, and they clearly got it from Jacob. In genetics, a father passes his Y-Chromosome to his male child, unchanged. This is how and why we don’t actually need a DNA sample of Jacob or Isaac to come to this conclusion. The CHOSEN the 12 Tribes of Israel according to the bloodline. Israel: Genealogy Reckoned (1 Chronicle 9:1) What part of, If someone is not from the seed (i.e., Bloodline/Y-DNA Haplotype) of Jacob, they are NOT an Israelite is people not understanding? That’s how you know all these other different races of people are NOT Hebrew Israelites. Jacob (A Negro) was one man with one Y-Chromosome (E1B1A.) He passed to all 12 of His sons (all negroes), and the descendants of those 12 sons (all negroes) are scattered all over the earth today. The only way to pick them out of all these Nations we’re scattered into is by our DNA that proves we are from the seed of Jacob. Any crockpot and off-brand can claim to be an Israelite, Any culture vulture can claim to be an Israelite, Any so-called “Black Person” who looks like a Negro can believe they are an Israelite, But none of that makes it accurate! If you don’t have the Y-DNA Haplotype of Jacob (E1B1A) and can’t reckon/Establish/Prove That as per 1 Chronicle 9:1?) If you are not a child of Israel, that doesn’t mean you can’t sojourn with us. Please, once and for all stop the madness of trying to include all these different races of people that are nowhere near being Genetic Israelites. I swear, our own people have done a severe brainwashing job on many of you. I pray that you all snap out of this madness and come from that! Some of These so-called Hebrew Camps have done way more harm than good to our people!
4. What is the Haplogroup that belongs to the Ashkenazi “Jews”, the ones that say they are the real Jews?
When God told Rebekka He was going to separate the Nations in her womb, He was basically telling her that for continuity sake, Jacob and Esau (although they had the same father) were going to have two separate bloodline/Haplotypes and represent two different Nations. The seeds of Jacob were E1B1A and for reasons only God knows, Esau, defaulted to E1B1B (which is a Hamitic Line) and why history incorrectly assumes Hitler was “African” and “Jewish” because he possessed the E1B1B1 Y-DNA Haplotype; They incorrectly have the world thinking and believing that E1B1B is “Jewish” and E1B1A is Sub-Saharan African. They have it reversed though. Several Nations possess the E1B1B Y-DNA Haplotype, yet only One race of people maintain the E1B1A throughout the entire world….The NEGRO, or Lost Hebrew Israelites whom God chose as His “Chosen Elect”…The Exclusivity of our DNA further proves that. A lot of Ashkenazi’s possess the E1B1B Haplotype, while some fall under Haplogroup “J” and a couple others, all European in origin still though.
5. What is your finding on the Lemba, Ashanti, and the Igbo Tribes in Africa?
All three Tribes have a mixture of Genetic Israelites (E1B1A Y-DNA Haplotype) and E1B1B (Hamitic or African Y-DNA Haplotype. The Lemba are really no different than any other Negro race throughout the world; there is a mixture of some European blood with them, same as it is for so-called “African Americans and Jamaicans. E1B1A/NEGROES (The Chosen Seed) is mixed in with just about EVERY Nation on earth, There are some of us in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Columbia, Barbados, Jamaica, The UK, The so-called “Middle East”, Small percentage in Mexico, Cuba, All over continent of Africa (Mostly in West Africa, The Yorubans (not ALL), Igbos (not ALL), Bantus, Bamileke, Ewe, Ashantis, Zulus, The Lemba (South Africa) Just to name a FEW. I think you all get the point, The Chosen Seed (E1B1A) is mixed in with just about every Nation on earth, But that was part of the deal when the Most High scattered us, and why The Children of Israel today come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities…But to continue going around teaching and promoting that many of these races of people who actually, mostly carry the seed of Edom, Are Hebrew Israelites is wrong and irresponsible! All Puerto Ricans are not from The Tribe of Ephraim (Only the ones who take his chosen Seed of E1B1A7A are), How can all of them be Israelites when many of them carry the Seed/Y-DNA of Their Spanish/European Colonizer, who are all Edom? The same thing with all the other Latino races of people; Only the Latinos who carry The Chosen seed E1B1A are Hebrew Israelites. Not all “Black Latinos” either cause some of them to take the seed of Edom, again this is why identifying them by DNA is crucial and how you can go into any Nation and pick out The Chosen Seed (s), This is so simple and easy it’s almost funny to me. The Most High coded our blood with this DNA as a gift and a blessing for us, not for Him because He knows who we are! But DNA is the absolute only, 100% sure fire, without a shadow of a doubt we can separate Israel from all the fakes, imposters and culture vultures (especially) the ones who look like us, walking around claiming to be ISRAEL and are being exposed daily by their DNA that they are not!)
6. There is such a debate on whether all the tribes are Negro or not? What do you think?
DNA/Genetics takes away any and all debates, and for the life of me, I don’t see why people can’t seem to grasp this extraordinarily easy and straightforward concept. Jacob was a Negro, who had all 12 of his sons by Negro Women, Jacob is one man, a man only has One Y-DNA Haplotype, His is EiB1A, so he passed that Haplotype to all 12 of his sons, therefore, the descendants of those 12 sons walking around the earth today HAS to possess the E1B1A as well, if they don’t? They’re not an Israelite, period, point blank. Remember Jacob is the Patriarch of Israel; this is how we know all those other races are not “Genetic Hebrew Israelites”…. Don’t understand why people can’t grasp this.
7. Do you think there is such a thing as a biracial person or do they go strictly by the lineage of their father?
Not exactly sure what you’re asking, but a male or even a female child is going to be whatever the father is. The only difference is the male gets the Y-DNA passed to him from the father. This is why The descendants of the 12 Tribes walking around the earth today is a racially mixed looking bunch of people Because Negro (Hebrew Men) have laid seed with all different types and races of women. That’s why Israelites can look like Wesley Snipes, Tiger Woods or Jesse Williams. As long as they possess the E1B1A Y-DNA Haplotype, the yare a genetic Hebrew Israelite and a child/seed of Jacob. The external doesn’t matter, their DNA does.
8. How does DNA work as a determining factor in what nation we are in?
A basic breakdown. See the answer to question 3, Also let me just add. The different sub-groups of The E1B1A represent the 14 tribes we all descend from…The 12 plus Ephraim and Manasseh were added to the House of Joseph.
9. What does Deuteronomy Chapter 28 KJV mean to you?
Deuteronomy Chapter 28 lays the foundation for how we can tell who the Israelites are in the earth today, and essentially identifying the Negro as a seed of Jacob. The Zondervan Compact Bible Dictionary even said that Ham became the progenitor of the dark races of Africa (Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans, and Africans) But not the negroes! (That would be us)
10. In 2017 what is the state of our people? What can they do to change it?
In 2017, Black people are still In the same mental state we were when our ancestors were brought over here to America. We have been so thoroughly brain-washed, that the lies have been accepted as truth, hook, line, and sinker and someone like me is raise up to bring forth the real truth, and to our people, it sounds like a lie. We are still the only race of people without an identity. Even the so-called pro-black nationalists and pan Africanists couldn’t tell you where In Africa they come from. As such, we are still very much a lost people. God referred to us as a “stiffnecked people,” i.e., very stubborn, and you can’t tell our people anything. We are still the same exact way, as we were in Israel, and why we were cursed and kicked out, going through what we are today. Romans 9:27 states that even though we number like the sand in the sea, only a remnant of Israelites will be “saved.” When you look at all the Lost Negro anti-Christ and anti-God blaspheming, disrespecting and disparaging, it’s not hard to see why such a prophecy like that was given. It’s sad, but every man is responsible for his own salvation. I like Moses and Christ before me, can only lead my people to the water, it’s totally up to them instead or not they’re going to drink. I give them nothing but the verifiable truth, but if they receive not? I dust my feet. Change starts with accepting who they really are, then and only then can they begin to do what they really need to do, i.e., getting back to practicing the laws, statutes, and commandments given to us by THE MOST HIGH. The Israelites are supposed to be the beacon of light to the world, representing the hope by which all gentiles can receive salvation. How can our people represent that kind of faith if they don’t even know nor will accept who God has called them to be? The 7 Biblical Signs of the True: Jew/Israelite 1. The Exile Will be exiled from the promised land 2 Kings 17:18, Zech 7:13-14, Micah 1, 1 Kings 14:15, Leviticus 26-33, Ezekiel 39:28, Jeremiah 16:15, 30:3, 31:10 King James Version Bible 2. No defense/powerless Will be unable to fight back against their captors/enemies Leviticus 26:17-37, Deuteronomy 28:25, 31 3. Oppression/Poverty Will consistently live in oppression and poverty in their new lands. Isaiah 3:12, 42:22, Deuteronomy 28:29, 33, 43-44 4. The Insults Will be belittled, insulted, and ridiculed by their captor’s within their new land. Psalm 44:13-14, Deuteronomy 28:37 5. The Illness We will be known as a very ill people Leviticus 26:21, Deuteronomy 28:59-61 6. Lost Heritage (Religion/History) We will lose all knowledge of their past/religion/language of who they are Jeremiah 17:4, Isaiah 1:3, Romans 11:25, Deuteronomy 4:28, 28-36, 64