"The 10 Isms"

1. Racism is indeed the largest “Elephant in the room” the progenitor of hatred and slavery. It is the grandfather of Darkism and Colorism, The Apex of a belief system that one race is superior to the rest: animosity toward other races. What do they say we are…. NIGGERS * SPICS *COONS * DARKIES *…… Continue reading "The 10 Isms"

Dilemma 7 – "Colorism"

Colorism is indeed a known fact, a direct commencement of hostilities afflicted on an individual based on skin color that is used as the basis for a conclusion, or logic that interfaces that a black person possessing a lighter complexion is treated with a higher esteem than a person with a darker skin color. This…… Continue reading Dilemma 7 – "Colorism"

Dilemma 2 – "The Commandments of the Most High God of Israel."

The first four commandments are about how to treat God (The Most High God of Israel). The other 6 are about how to treat people.  And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and…… Continue reading Dilemma 2 – "The Commandments of the Most High God of Israel."

The Rapper Extraordinaire

With such a Global market, the Phenomenon of Hip-Hop began in the 1970s with a host of talented rap-artists who spit out lyrical rhymes like nobody’s business. A group that emerged from this genre is the infamous Sugarhill Gang and many more who rapped about the hardships in the inner city. Through the years, Hip…… Continue reading The Rapper Extraordinaire

Dilemma 52 – "The Haters"

A white woman poses as a black woman, funny how people of the other nations are forgiven of her bounty, in this case, Rachel Dolezal President of NAACP Chapter from Spokane Washington, the blacks embraced her, think about how often black women are ridiculed for trying to be white. Rachel may indeed be a great…… Continue reading Dilemma 52 – "The Haters"