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Brown Beauty Personified Series (1) featuring Denise "Vanity" Matthews

The world marvels at being the symbol of beauty. You can see how this narcissism explodes the life nook of our existence. You gaze that image of beauty still stuck in your eyes, as you stare from picture to picture wondering when it will be your chance, to imitate the Greek God or Goddess of Narcissism, who tragically fell in love with the sight of his or her own reflection, not realizing it was his or her own image in the water. Or the likes of Oscar Wilde’s depiction of the portrait “Dorian Gray” wish that he would never grow old but his soul was lost. Like most women, that minor obsession with this filtered beauty showcased on the internet. The fascination with being beautiful has gone from a desire to passion. The biggest devil of them all, Satan – Lucifer was cast out of heaven because of pride in his beauty, after all, it was said he was the most beautiful of them all. This Series will highlight people whose vision is far beyond the distinct aesthetics of physical beauty.

There is no better way than to start a series featuring one of the most beautiful women in the world.

 Denise “Vanity” Matthews
Photo of Denise taken in 1981 is used by permission and copyright of photographer Steve Landis. 
Denise’s outer beauty was definitely God-given, but that she was even more beautiful from the inside after she gave her life to Christ, she undoubtedly realized where true beauty lies far beyond what you have or what you look like. Her genetic makeup (aesthetics) was vastly ravished and exploited by the entertainment entity we call Hollywood which is merely a cesspool of sin leading to her destruction, but unlike her other counterparts that claimed Christ, she held fast despite her medical issues, she did continue to uplift the name of Christ.