A young boy’s Dilemma | BOOK REVIEW

*Riveting *Encouraging * Self-motivating * Family oriented* Biblical * A Young Boy’s Dilemma Book by Israel Immanuel What struck me most about this author, is that he is only 12 years old, writing a book at that age is really unheard of in a world where pre-teens are more concerned with being entertained through video…… Continue reading A young boy’s Dilemma | BOOK REVIEW

Dilemma 19 – "Good Hair"

This photograph is the property of its respective owner. COMMON THINGS SPOKEN ABOUT HAIR TYPE 3A – 4C: Coily Hair You need to straighten it, unkept! Do something with your hair. It is nappy, you look ugly, you need a weave, go and rectify it. I like you better with straight hair. Permed Hair You…… Continue reading Dilemma 19 – "Good Hair"

Dilemma 3 – "Slavery"

As indicated by the didactic systems of this world, the Negroes were brought to the Americas by slave ships in 1619 were beaten, raped, murdered and forced to work as slaves on plantations for 400 + years with poor living conditions, no rights or pay. They cried. They prayed. They obeyed. The cries of the slaves were…… Continue reading Dilemma 3 – "Slavery"