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The Brown Girl Dilemma Book

What if a brown girl knew?….. What if a brown boy knew?…. Darkness followed us since the day we were born. It walked and talked to us if we were it’s own. The darkness allowed us to believe a lie from the very hands that made us cry. I often wondered why it was so sly. Now lightness has surrounded me. It has shown us the way to truth. Now that the mysteries have been revealed.聽AND YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE聽(John 8:32 KJV)
“This book is a revolutionary volume of general awareness or possession of information, facts, ideas, truths, or principles in the discovery of one’s identity. A cleverly put together piece of scholarship that correlates with the mind, body, and soul connection. Vashtiy heroically exposes the oblivious postulation that people make about her based on her extraordinary beauty and sun-kissed skin. She reveals all facets of her identity, and be gallantly rebellious of the self – righteousness of white xenophobe culture. This book is a must read if you want to discover your true identity and your destiny ” — Scientist Emmitel Abongwa Ndumu (theperfecthumanface.com)
“A literal storm system disguised in a book, profound beauty, and insight” — Abraham Y’israel, the Chosen periodical
“The 8th World Wonder. It starts with an interesting depiction of the history of racism in the United States of America and around the World. This book will expand your thinking and intellectual properties on what you thought was the truth but turned out to be a fallacy given by the oppressors. The narrative is ‘Nothing really is as it appears to be.’ The author is definitely a stimulus to worldwide wonder – the 8th world wonder, born a genetic masterpiece. Now back to the book, the 700-page book delivers a bang for the buck. As the book travels further into your preconditioned mindset while delivering a crushing blow to debunk the lies of white supremacy. The book reveals an exciting depiction of the history of racism involving the most hated but sought after people in this world, as the author formally and eloquently introduces the reader to the “Isms” cancer to the black community. What most books fail to deliver when emphasizing the plight of the African American is the answer or solution to the problem this book provides it with a punch to the jugular that we seek both in the African diaspora, the Americas, and the rest of the world. Don’t let the title fool you this book is for the men as well as the ladies. This book is by far the most excellent piece of literature on African American history.” —Dr. Jaffer Bilgrami Ph.D., author of the Miracle of Genetics
Attai rated it 5 stars. Who are the real CHOSEN people? Please stand up! Vashtiy is an important messenger for African American social history and racism. This book is an intellectual time bomb exploding with history, debunking racist extremes, and the discovery of the lost people – the chosen. We walk the path of this extraordinary beauty of the author. Plain and simple she’s a stunner whose privilege only contributes to set the foundation of the book. I was hypnotized, found myself staring at her photos. I didn’t see her golden brown skin I just saw her beauty. The book chronicles how black people remain inexorable alibis for white supremacy. In a nutshell, it is a work of genius. If you dare to venture into the land of mystery.
A fantastic read very provocative delivery of the truth — Dr. Linda
Les la plupart des points valables de c’etait l’histoire d’un peuple ui est presente comme le moins de tous les peuples du monde. C’est litteralement une marche sur le cote sombre de la verite. Nous voyageons a travers le livre de l’histoire a la reponse:
1. L’auteur est absolument magnifique 脿 regarder. Comment peut-on 锚tre si belle femme.
2. Le livre nous conduit 脿 l’茅ternit茅 de la v茅rit茅 qui est l’homme en haut et qui sont son peuple choisi.
3. Il expose les fausses religions et leur impact sur le monde.
J’ai noter le livre 5 茅toiles dans l’information et de la profondeur. — Francious Seigner
Ein brillantes St眉ck Literatur durch eine der sch枚nsten Frau unserer Zeit — Hans Helzberg
讗谞讬 诇拽专讜讗 讗转 讛住驻专 注砖专讬诐 讜讗专讘注 砖注讜转, 讛讟讜讘 注砖专讬诐 讜讗专讘注 砖注讜转 讬砖 诇讬 讝诪谉 专讘,. 诪诇讗讱 讬驻讛驻讛 讝讛 砖诇 讛诪讞讘专 讘讗诪转 讬讜讚注 讚讘专讬诐 砖诇讛. — 注诪专讗谉 讗讘讜 诪讗讝谉
Intuu neef weyn yahay qaadashada bilaabid wadnaha iyo sasabidda maalka aqoonta gaarsiin buuggan gudihiisa. Dhuleeshaa kitaabka dambe ka stunning farshaxanka.— Abdilahi Ismaaciil
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